Games to Play on Steam Deck this 2023

Portable PC gaming is now a reality thanks to the Steam Deck. I was wondering, what are the top Deck Verified games? On February 25, 2022, Valve released the Steam Deck, marking its entry into the portable video game market. These three devices are meant to give PC gamers a more portable option without sacrificing too much power. The Steam Deck has been met with generally favorable reviews, and it is becoming increasingly more accessible to the public. Valve has been methodically checking each game in Steam’s library for compatibility with the Steam Deck since the hardware was released. Any game certified by the firm as suitable for the portable system has been proven to perform satisfactorily. Let’s take a look at the top Steam Deck games by using Deck Verified as a standard.


Hard-as-nails There is no dearth of independent 2D platformers, and sometimes they all seem the same. But Celeste is unlike anything else on the market. A story-focused entry, this 2018 game follows Madeline as she ascends a mountain symbolic of her own trials, making it a rarity in the genre. This results in a narrative where the protagonist’s insecurities and trauma are mirrored in the game’s punishing gameplay. If you ignore the plot of Celeste, the gameplay stands on its own. This game is a staple of the speedrunning community thanks to its responsive controls and well-crafted levels.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors, despite being an early access game, has taken the world by storm. The game is broken up into levels, and players must guide their character through “(bullet) hell” while giving them a boost at each stage. There is nothing special about the setup here, but remember that the devil is always in the details when it comes to these kinds of things. Vampire Survivors is a good time, and the game’s depth comes from the wide variety of playable characters and weapons.

Slay The Spire

Slay the Spire mashes up so many different genres that it stands alone among Steam’s offerings. The roguelike has players traverse randomly generated paths through a spire’s levels while fighting enemies and bosses. Before beginning a run, players choose a class from a variety that have their own unique starting decks. There is a constant feeling of advancement because after each victory, players receive new cards that may be randomly drawn in future encounters. Slay the Spire is engrossing, well-executed, and lovable.


Although AA games have become less common in recent years, every so often a release comes along that is a perfect fit for the category. Stray is a science fiction adventure game in which a (relatively) normal cat gets lost in a city overrun by robots. The cute little cat sets off on a charming adventure through the sewers, bars, and neon-lit streets in search of its way back home. The furball must solve puzzles, chat with machines, avoid hazards, and battle enemies, and the game does a good job of incorporating all of these elements. Stray is a great choice for the Steam Deck because it lasts about 5 hours without getting boring and makes the most of its time.


Phasmophobia, a chilling ghost game currently in early access, knows how to get under the players’ skin. The basic idea is that up to four people must enter a haunted location and figure out what kind of ghost is causing the scares. This is accomplished with a few different tools, and while the game’s early levels are fairly forgiving, Phasmophobia gradually increases the tension and scares in clever and effective ways. After a while, the group will be on edge at the slightest hint of an unfamiliar sound or fleeting movement, bracing themselves to do battle with whatever lurks within these foreboding chambers. If you’re about to play hours of “Phasmophobia (or Phasmo as they say)  you will need a good chair. Check out SpinGenie.Ca for some awesome gaming chairs. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

RPG fans who can’t wait for Larian Studios to release Baldur’s Gate 3 should check out the Divinity series instead. Though the other games in the series are enjoyable, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the series’ undisputed highlight. The same could be said about any tactical role-playing game. This role-playing game (RPG) is ambitious, challenging, and, most importantly, never boring, thanks to its well-developed fantasy world, populated by interesting NPCs and offering unexpectedly emotional side quests. While the intricacies of the turn-based combat system may seem daunting at first, the game’s combat system ultimately results in fluid and satisfying battles once players get the hang of it.

Papers, Please

Most games don’t try to emphasize feelings like horror, stress, and depression, but Papers, Please does. Arstotzka is a country straight out of dystopian fiction and (relatively) recent history, and players in Lucas Pope’s indie project take on the role of a border crossing agent tasked with checking the documents of people seeking entry into Arstotzka. The player may be a mere cog in the machine, but their actions will have lasting effects on the lives of the NPCs they control. The players’ families are clinging to life in the hope that they will return soon. As a result, if they lose pay as a result of making a poor choice at work, it will have an adverse effect on their loved ones.

Tales Of Arise

After decades of exclusivity on consoles, the most popular JRPGs now frequently appear on PC. While not many recent titles in the genre have received Steam Deck verification, Tales of Arise stands out as an exception. Bandai Namco’s latest entry in the series is easily up there with Symphonia and Vesperia as the best of the series. Characters, plot, and gameplay are all strong points of this action JRPG. To top it all off, the visuals are also above par for a license. The main characters in Tales of Arise come from opposing sides of a conflict over discrimination, but they ultimately come together to make a difference. The game’s story gets exciting quickly, and the combat system is top-notch to boot.

Stardew Valley

There are many examples of indie games that became cultural phenomena and are available on Steam. Stardew Valley is in a league of its own, even among this select group of success stories. Concerned Ape’s game is a farming simulator with role-playing game mechanics, allowing players to take control of their own farms while also giving them access to a wide variety of other options. The campaign isn’t aimless, and it does its best to give players something to anticipate at all times. Stardew Valley is getting to the point where it can be called timeless because of its endearing qualities, its ambitious goals, and its addictive nature.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Capcom has been on a roll recently, and Resident Evil’s comeback has coincided with the publisher’s resurgence. After falling out of favor with horror fans, RE7 revived the franchise with a groundbreaking first-person perspective and a solid sequel. Even though these games are all fantastic, Resident Evil 2: remake is probably Capcom’s best work from the last decade. RE2 is flawless in its execution of the horror-action genre mashup, leading players skillfully through the haunted and dangerous streets of Raccoon City. Both Leon and Claire’s campaigns are excellent on their own, but there are enough differences between them to warrant playing through them twice. Playing Resident Evil 2 on the go with the Steam Deck is brilliant, but the smaller screen is a minor drawback.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

It’s a compliment to say that Lego video games are like a plate of warm, hearty comfort food after a long day. Lego’s Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which includes all of the major scenes from the first nine films in the series, is arguably the most ambitious video game ever made. Each episode has five missions that mirror the major events of the films, and players can choose whichever ones they’d like to play. Not all of the game’s content consists of humorous reenactments of famous movie scenes, though. Players can also visit a number of planet-based hub worlds, each of which features a large amount of optional activities. Although The Skywalker Saga was clearly made with Star Wars fans in mind, anyone in the mood for a humorous adventure should give it a shot.